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blogs, articles, long-reads etc.

Op-ed in Euractiv, co-written with Fieke Jansen, on Horizon 2020: The EU is funding dystopian Artificial Intelligence projects

Long-read on tackling the myth of the black box in AI (co-written with Agata Foryciarz & Katarzyna Szymielewicz): Black-Boxed Politics – Opacity is a Choice in AI Systems

Blog for Mozilla on tackling hype, myths and inaccuracies about AI: Dismantling AI Myths and Hype

Blogpost for Access Now on the EU’s Ethics Guidelines for Trustworthy AI (co-written with Fanny Hidvégi): Laying down the law on AI

academic articles

Leufer, D. (2017), The wound which will not close: Jan Patočka’s philosophy and the conditions of politicization, Studies in East European Thought 69:29–44, DOI 10.1007/s11212-017-9273-1

book chapters

Leufer, D. (2016), ‘The Dark Night of the Care for the Soul – Politics and Despair in Jan Patočka’s Sixth Heretical Essay’, in Thinking after Europe: Jan Patočka and Politics (ed. Meacham D. & Tava F.), Chapt. 11. Rowman & Littlefield International

doctoral dissertation

In December 2018, I defended my PhD dissertation on the Czech philosopher and human rights activist, Jan Patočka, receiving a grade of summa cum laude. The title of my thesis was A Ship Bound to Shipwreck. Jan Patočka’s Philosophy of History. I am currently preparing the manuscript for eventual publication as a book, but do get in touch if you’re interested in reading it before then.

As part of the ERC project on the First World War, I also published this short blog about Theosophy and WWI


Jan Patočka, Intellectuals and Opposition, trans. Francesco Tava & Daniel Leufer, in Thinking after Europe: Jan Patočka and Politics (ed. Meacham D. & Tava F.), Rowman & Littlefield International